Special Interest Group for Life-balanced Activities, or SIGLA is your PHINMA Energy’s advocacy to create venues for fellowship and personal growth by supporting employee-driven interests. We used the term “sigla” or “energy/vitality” to emphasize our commitment to promote an employee-friendly environment looking after the development of their body, mind and spirit.

PHINMA Energy has taken a special interest in promoting Employee Wellness as a priority area to inculcate overall work-life balance, employee-driven volunteer initiatives, as well as to develop strong leadership potential.

The key to SIGLA’s success and sustainability starts from the ownership of employees in mobilizing the program. This initiative employs the same bottom-up approach where the employees themselves are the social enablers in facilitating and sustaining their SIGLA groups. Employees with similar special interests are organized together to create a venue to enhance their knowledge and skills. This approach is very flexible for employees as they set their own implementing guidelines at their own pace, with the support of the CSR group.

Volunteerism is also another aspect of the program, and has been a strong pillar for the sustainability of our CSR initiatives. Our core values of Integrity, Professionalism, and Patriotism, serves as our main driver in “Making Lives Better” to create progressive change in our nation. The CSR group continues to develop more opportunities for volunteerism in our vision to create shared value between PHINMA Energy, the employees and our external stakeholders.