HELP Earth


Launched in 2009, Harnessing Energy Literacy for Planet Earth, or HELP Earth started with initiatives geared towards energy literacy through provision of educational materials and promotion of environmental protection. It has then evolved into a holistic program focusing on three levels of engagement: Awareness Education, Strengthening Advocacy, and Empowering Leaders.

In 2016, HELP Earth Education has expanded to 34 schools in 6 provinces in the country. Likewise, 18 active HELP Earth Savers Club consisting of 630 members are on the process of implementing their own student-driven initiatives for the environment through PATHS or Positive Actions Through HELP Earth Savers Project. The innovative projects of students continue to impress us, as these provided new opportunities for livelihood and environmental care for the community. Aside from the flagship CSR programs for education, PHINMA Energy continuously participated in the annual Brigada Eskwela Project of the Department of Education. This year, we were able to assist 22 schools providing volunteers and materials to improve the facilities for our children.

Environmental conservation and preservation have also been an integral component of the HELP Earth Environment. Year 2016 proved to be a productive year as PHINMA Energy elevated its program to the next level by adopting new reforestation sites in its 3 areas of operation. We have partnered with government agencies and local communities to adopt a total of 82-hectare land in 3 different areas most of which are within the critical watershed. PHINMA Energy also remains steadfast in promoting indigenous and native seedlings to preserve the biodiversity of the community.

Aside from green initiative, PHINMA Energy cares as much for the ecosystem along our coastlines and riverways. We have participated in 5 different coastal and river clean-ups in Bulacan, Guimaras, La Union and Subic. PHINMA Energy are also in the process of partnering with like-minded individuals to collaborate in meaning projects for the marine resources like mangrove reforestation and awareness drives.