Energy literacy is one of the major pillars of PHINMA Energy’s CSR. The company believes that sustainability starts by placing education and empowerment at the very core of its HELP Earth Program. To accomplish this, the CSR provides educational support through HELP Earth Multimedia Corners and Energy in Focus Guidebook to selected adopted schools in the country. The donated materials are further supplemented by various energy and environmental activities like interactive science exhibits, training workshops and awareness campaign through Juan Matipid.

Building partnerships with schools is also one of the keys for continuous development. Not only are the school recipients of the program, they also contribute by sharing best practices to be cascaded to other partners. Ultimately, the end-target of the HELP Earth education program is for schools to become more self-reliant, to develop their own initiatives for energy and environment, and to sustain their own advocacies with the help of the foundation built by PHINMA Energy’s CSR program.

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Education Framework


HELP Earth is committed to support initiatives for the environment especially in areas where it operates. The framework used for environmental initiatives are targeted towards reforestation, water conservation and waste management.

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Environment Framework 



As part of PHINMA Energy’s CSR focus for sustainable development, PHINMA Energy’s CSR are exploring livelihood opportunities with selected partner communities. Among them are the mothers of Quirinoin Bacnotan, La Union, and the four communities in San Lorenzo, Guimaras. One of the approaches used by Trans-Asia for sustaining a livelihood program is through participative planning and implementation with the community. PHINMA Energy’s CSR makes sure that the community have ownership of the livelihood project, while the company supports by facilitating resources and service providers for the community.

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Livelihood Framework