Social Responsibility


Long before the advent of CSR, PHINMA Energy Corporation had been providing support to the development initiatives of our adjacent communities based on their needs. Community Relations, as it was called in the past, was more philanthropic in nature, thus the Company had been looking to develop more sustainable and relevant programs for our stakeholders.

On our 40th anniversary on September 8, 2009, the Company launched its first CSR flagship Program, HELP Earth or Harnessing Energy Literacy for Planet Earth. HELP Earth is the Company’s advocacy to empower the youth on efficient use of their energy options and environment protection. Through Juan Matipid, the official energy hero of PHINMA Energy, values such as resourcefulness, thriftiness and love for the environment were inculcated amongst the children and youth.

The following years, HELP Earth evolved into a more comprehensive program for energy literacy. From providing learning resources and multimedia materials, PHINMA Energy’s education program expanded to energy conservation lectures, resource awareness campaigns, interactive science exhibit and leadership trainings. This lead to even bigger programs like establishment of HELP Earth Savers Club, the student organization for developing youth leaders for the environment. Through this initiative, HELP Earth promoted more sustainable learning among PHINMA Energy’s adopted schools.

Since HELP Earth’s inauguration on 2009, PHINMA Energy’s program has expanded tenfold addressing other challenges and opportunities that we have identified with our partner communities. As a result of our energy and environmental literacy program, PHINMA Energy has developed leaders and created more sustainable environment projects in collaboration with like-minded groups and individuals. Our social integration also showed us that we can greatly contribute in the developing communities by organizing and empowering people, helping them to become self-reliant for sustainable development. This lead to conception of PUNLA Projects. We also recognized the needs of our internal stakeholders and established the SIGLA Program to support their special interests and enhance their work-life balance.

Our dream is the realization of the dreams of our stakeholders. Aligned with the PHINMA’s mantra of Making Lives Better, we would like to create not only inclusive, but empowering and sustainable growth for our nation.