Social Responsibility

PHINMA Energy’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) affirms the principle that businesses also rely on the communities where they operate, and that it cannot exist nor prosper in isolation. Thus, in recognition of the contribution of its host communities, PHINMA Energy implements strategic programs that have been integrated into the company’s core businesses operations.

With the Company’s services in mind, PHINMA Energy is strongly committed to environment and energy conservation through their program, HELP Earth. Aimed to empower the youth to make life better through energy awareness, HELP Earth or Harnessing Energy Literacy for Planet Earth is PHINMA Energy’s program to educate the youth on the efficient use of energy and environmental protection.

Through Juan Matipid, the Energy Hero of PHINMA Energy, values such as resourcefulness, thriftiness and love for the environment are inculcated among the youth.

Since the beginning, PHINMA Energy’s beliefs have been anchored on PHINMA’s, philosophy of making life better for every Filipino. Our CSR programs are integrated into our business models and processes, and ingrained in our culture. We take pride in our fruitful relationships with communities who also share the same advocacies and vision as ours. PHINMA Energy, with its firm aspiration to make life better, will continue to look for ways to improve its CSR programs, as well as explore new paths and means to further enhance the well-being and quality of life in its host communities.