Business Operations

PHINMA Energy is PHINMA’s flagship energy company.

Through PHINMA Energy, PHINMA extends its corporate mantra ‘Making Lives Better’ by providing reliable and sustainable energy services for businesses and communities to towards self-sufficiency in energy.

PHINMA Energy is an end to end energy partner.

PHINMA Energy’s core business is divided into Power BusinessEnergy Resource Development, and Renewable Energy.

Power Business

  • Engaged primarily in power generation and supply through ownership and operation of various generation facilities
  • Pioneer in Electricity Supply, buying power from the WESM as well as from its own portfolio of generation assets, selling power to large and medium scale power consumers, and to the spot market.

Energy Resource Development

  • Engaged in resource exploration and development, with particular interest in oil and gas, as well as geothermal energy

Renewable Energy

  • Engaged in developing and utilizing wind energy in the country, in the pursuit of clean and sustainable power projects

Through PHINMA Energy, PHINMA envisions its robust participation for the Philippines to attain self-reliance in energy.