FAQs for Investors

1.   What does PHINMA Energy do?

PHINMA Energy has core investments in power generation, electricity trading, retail electricity sales, renewable energy, and oil and natural gas exploration.

2.   How many employees does PHINMA Energy have?

PHINMA Energy has 294 employees. 86 in Makati Office, 14 in Guimaras Power Plant, 33 in Trans-Asia Power Generation Corp., 22 in CIP II Power Corp., 24 in Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corp., 49 in One Subic Power Generation Corp., 43 in Power Barge 101-102, and 25 in Power Barge 103.

3.   Who is PHINMA Energy’s independent auditor?

Sycip, Gorres and Velayo is the company’s independent auditor. Their office is located at 6760 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines.

4.   When did PHINMA Energy go public?

PHINMA Energy went public on January 5, 1970.

5.   Where is PHINMA Energy’s common stock listed and what is the trading symbol?

PHINMA Energy’s common stock is listed and traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) under the trading symbol PHEN.

6.   How many shares outstanding does PHINMA Energy have?

PHINMA Energy’s has 4,885,897,908 shares outstanding.

7. Who are PHINMA Energy’s Top 20 Shareholders?

1 PCD Nominee Corporation (Filipino)
2 PCD Nominee Corporation (Non-Filipino)
3 PHINMA Corporation
4 PHINMA Inc.,
5 Emar Corporation
6 Francisco Genezo Ozamiz Lon
7 Ramon R. Del Rosario, Jr.
8 Phil. Remnany Co., Inc.
9 Victor J. Del Rosario
10 Peter Mar or Annabelle C. Mar
11 Renato O. Labasan
12 Teresita dela Cruz
13 Guillermo D. Luchangco
14 Belek, Inc.
15 Francisco L. Viray
16 Joseph D. Ong
17 William How or Benito How
18 Alexander J. Tanchan &/or Dolores U. Tanchan
19 Benjamin S. Austria
20 Victor J. Del Rosario or Ma. Rita S. Del Rosario

*Based on the Top 100 Shareholders as of December 31, 2017

8.   Can stock be directly bought from PHINMA Energy?

No. Shares must be purchased through a brokerage firm.

9.   Who is the company’s stock transfer agent?

Stock Transfer Services, Inc. is the company’s transfer agent. Their contact information is as follows:

Stock Transfer Services, Inc.
34th/F, Unit D, Rufino Pacific Tower
6784 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Tel.no. (632) 403-2410
Email: [email protected]